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New in version 5.2: Customize themes

Since version 5.2 you can directly access the CSS-files that define the user themes which are included in Printgroove JT Web and Printgroove JT Suite. So you are free to customize the look & feel of the online shop to individual needs.

To adjust the look & feel of your web-to-print online shop you can choose from six different preinstalled themes which are included in the standard version of our software solution. Those themes define the design of the online shop and contain information about background colors, fonts and all formatting within the website.

Screenshot of two different standard themes
Two out of six preinstalled themes

As you may wish to create an individual design for your online shop, you can now additionally edit the CSS-files of the preinstalled themes within the application in order to change their design according to your individual ideas.

For example, now you are able to:

  • choose your own colors for the background of different page areas such as navigation, header or the different content blocks
  • adjust fonts and font colors as well as font sizes for headings and regular text
  • define the design and behaviour of links

Screenshot of a standard theme and a customized theme
Standard theme (left) vs. customized theme (right)

If you have installed the additional option JT Multi Shop and if therefore you have set up individual shops for special customers, you can now edit their design comfortably within our software solution.

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