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New in version 5.2: Personalize print products with individual images

JT Forms, available as additional option for our web-to-print online shop, supports from version 5.2 the upload of individual images to personalize print products.

If you are using the option JT Forms you are already able to offer simple personalized print products to your customers. Those products include special form fields your customers can fill with individual data. A typical example are business cards which your customers can personalize with an address and direct dial and order them afterwards.

Since version 5.2 JT Forms includes an additional feature: Besides pure text fields now image fields are supported as well. As before you are preparing a layout template with the form function of Adobe® Acrobat® Professional but now you can use text fields and image fields.

After you uploaded the layout template within the administration backend, the image fields are recognized as such. When your customer chooses the product and fills in the form fields there is automatically offered an upload link. So, for example, your customers can upload an individual logo for their business cards.

Did you know? The update to version 5.2 is completely free of cost for all customers with a valid Software Maintenance Plan!

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