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New in version 5.4: Connect your existing user database to the web-to-print online shop via LDAP

Corporations, universities and administrations nearly always use Active Directory servers to manage their user accounts. Now you can let users authenticate with their existing credentials directly in your web-to-print solution. All you need is the new JT LDAP Connector, which is available as additional option.

In big organizations user data is often managed centrally. Every user has a unique account and uses one and the same credentials to authenticate for various applictions and services such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MIS (Management Information System) or (like in this case) Web-to-Print solutions. Typically these user accounts are managed with Active Directory servers via LDAP.

Printgroove JT Web 5 is developed as a closed web-to-print online shop and optimized for the use in such big organizations. Therefore many of our customers asked for the possibility to connect to their existing Active Directory server(s). Users should be allowed to login with their existing credentials instead of creating new user accounts.

With version 5.4 of Printgroove JT Web (and also Printgroove JT Suite) we offer this feature as new option: Now you can purchase the JT LDAP Connector, which establishes the connection between your Active Directory server(s) and the web-to-print shop.

Major benefits

  • User can login with their existing credentials.
  • The user data is retrieved from the Active Directory server(s) and can be used during ordering.
  • With every login the user data is updated.
  • Seamless integration of Printgroove JT Web 5 user authentication into the existing network and the security policies

Are you interested in this option?

You can find detailed information about the JT LDAP Connector on our dedicated site. Please use this form to get your individual offer.

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