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New in version 6.2: Direct import and comfortable editing of scanned documents

Bildbearbeitung mit dem JT Raster Editor

Now you can not only import documents directly into our application by using the scan function of your printing system, but you can also rectify flaws in the document resulting from scanning by using our powerful editor.

Direct import of scanned documents

The new version 6.2 of the Konica Minolta JT Suite, our software solution for production printing, now includes a TWAIN interface.

This means you can scan documents by using all printing devices supported by the Konica Minolta TWAIN driver. These scanned documents are then imported directly into our application. You save yourself time-consuming detours and intermediate steps.

Editing of scanned documents

It's in the nature of things that scanned documents don't have the same quality as digital documents. Crinkles, punch holes or dirt can lead to reduced quality. It becomes necessary to edit the documents – not only in order to improve them for purely aesthetic reasons, but also to increase the readability and to prepare them for printing.

For these cases, we have developed a powerful editor which you can purchase as an additional option. The JT Raster Editor is ideally suited to the editing of scanned documents:

  • Despeckle to remove stains
  • Deskew pages that were scanned at an angle
  • Emphasize elements to improve readability
  • Rotate, move, align and scale scanned pages     
  • Add text, e.g. in order to renumber pages   
  • And much more ...

How to obtain the new features

The TWAIN support, which allows the direct import of scanned documents, is included by default in the new version 6.2 of Konica Minolta JT Suite.

You can purchase the JT Raster Editor as additional option.

Both the update to version 6.2 and the new option are available at your local Konica Minolta partner.

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