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New in version 5.4: Advanced email notifications

After the installation of our last update to version 5.4 you can make use of the new email notifications that are now included by default in Printgroove JT Web and Printgroove JT Suite.

Email notifications about status updates for users

New: Email notificationsWhen your users log in to the web-to-print shop, they are informed on the dashboard and in their order history about the status of their orders. But now you can offer them an even better service and inform them via email about status updates.

You can create an email notification for each work-step available or you can create notifications only for the most important work-steps, like "Production: Completed" or "Delivery: Order dispatched". As soons as the Print operator assigns a status for which you created an email notification, an email is sent automatically to the user.

Keep your users up-to-date and let them know, when their order is ready.

Email notifications about new orders for the Print operator

Another new email notfication is meant to inform the Print operator about new orders. The Print operator will receive an email as soon as an order arrives, so s/he is always up-to-date even if s/he is not in front of the computer or even in the print room.

It's a great tool to keep track of new orders.

Email notifications for approval workflow

You can improve and speed up the whole approval workflow included in Printgroove JT Web and Printgroove JT Suite by using the new email notifications.

First let the authorizer know that there is a new order waiting for approval. The authorizer is informed immetiately via email and doesn't have to log in first to see if there has a new order arrived, which can cause serious delays that we want to avoid.

As soon as the authorizer approves the order, an email is sent to the user to let him know that the order is now sent to the print room. In case the order was rejected by the authorizer, the user is informed via email as well and can take actions accordingly.

By the help of these new email notifications the whole workflow is now much faster and the handling is much more comfortable for all people involved.

Customize your notifications

All email notfications are customizable in regards of text and you can make use of variables. If you don't need the notifications, you are free to deactive them.

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