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New in version 5.4: Create your own reports & statistics

The latest version of Printgroove JT Man 5 and Printgroove JT Suite 5 includes a special SQLite database. The database holds all the necessary data for your own reports and statistics. All you need is an ODBC driver and a spreadsheet application like MS Excel (or OpenOffice).

Which data is available?

The SQLite database is called "accounting.db" and it holds detailed information about every single print job:

  • logistics (e.g. order and delivery dates, prices, addresses)
  • products (e.g. format, color, finishing, number of copies, (bw/color) pages, (bw/color) sheets)
  • production worksteps (e.g. current workstep)
  • printers

On top of that, the details of every print job are saved on retrieval and after printing. That means you can even compare the differences between what had been ordered and what was actually produced on certain printers and thereby evaluate the real cost.

How can I create reports?

You need the following tools which provide access to the database and help you to create your custom reports:

  • ODBC driver (available free of charge at
    The ODBC driver establishes the connection between the database and the spreadsheet application.
  • Spreadsheet application, e.g. MS Excel or OpenOffice:
    In the spreadsheet application you define the reports you need.

If you are an experienced database manager and Excel expert, then you know what to do now.

What kind of reports can I create?

Basically you can create any kind of report. You just need to make a proper SQL query to get the right output.

These may be typically reports:

  • Summary of bw and/or color sheets of successfully printed print products including test prints
  • Summary of bw and/or color sheets printed on a certain device between certain dates
  • The difference between number of pages / sheets ordered and produced including prices
  • Most demanded products

Happy analyzing!

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