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New in version 5.6: Lock the online shop for users

The new version of Printgroove JT Web and Printgroove JT Suite offers the possibility to lock the online shop in order to make changes in the configuration without running into conflicts.

One of the advantages of offering services in an online shop is the possibility to change and update products, prices and all other settings immediately, if necessary.

But of course it is always tricky to make changes in the configuration while users are logged in and still ordering. Especially if you want to make extensive changes to products or prices which can cause conflicts with ongoing orders.

We are aware of this and added a new feature to version 5.6: The Manager is now able to lock the online shop. While locked, users and print operators are not allowed to log in.

JT Web: The manager lock or unlocks access to the server

That's how it works:

  1. The Manager locks the online shop by using the shortcut on the dashboard. Now Users, Users plus and Print operators can't log in.
  2. Users, who were already logged in, stay logged-in and can carry on ordering. To avoid conflicts, the Manager should check the list of users online. This list is also available on the Manager's dashboard.
  3. As soon as all users are offline, the Manager can make the required changes.
  4. After applying all changes, the Manager unlocks the online shop using the same shortcut on the dashboard. Done!

Do you have any questions regarding this new feature? Please tell us, we are happy to answer!

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