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New in version 6.2: Filter the job list for an efficient processing of print jobs

JT Suite 6:Auftragliste mit geöffneter Filterleiste

In version 6.2 of Konica Minolta JT Suite, it is now possible to filter the job list by various criteria. The filters help the print operator to keep track and to process print jobs quickly and efficiently.

The job list

In the job list of JT Workstation, the part of the Konica Minolta JT Suite that is used by the print operator for processing print jobs, all incoming jobs are listed in detail. Not only the sender, the name of the print file and the selected product is visible (e.g. A4 brochure), but also the delivery date, the automatically assigned printer and further various information that can be flexibly displayed as columns.

Filtering by various criteria

You (in the role of an operator) can now individually filter all columns in the job list. For example, you can select the column "Products" and choose only those which you want to process. As a result, only those jobs are displayed in the order list which contain the chosen product.

You can set the filter individually for each column and thus combine several criteria together.

Example: Create a filter for A4 brochures with the delivery date in the next week.

Saving filters

The created filters can also be saved to gain a quick access to frequently used views on the job list.

Example: It may be helpful to create a filter for each of your production machines, so you can see the pending jobs per device with one click.

Sharing filters

If you are using our module JT Workflow, which means you are working with a central server, you can share the saved filters with your colleagues. Thereby, the filters are displayed in the JT Workstation of your fellow printing operators and can be used there as well.

How to obtain the new features

The filter function is included by default in the new version 6.2 of Konica Minolta JT Suite.

The update to version 6.2 is free of charge if you have a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP) for Konica Minolta JT Suite.

It is available at your local Konica Minolta partner.

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