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New in version 6.2: Single sign-on (SSO) for the web-to-print module

Single Sign-on im Web-to-Print-Portal

The new single sign-on function simplifies the authentication in the web-to-print online shop within a closed network, because the user logs on the network and gains access to the web shop without further authentication.

What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on is an authentication process in which a user logs on a network once and thus gains access to various applications without having to sign in these applications again.

Single sign-on has many advantages:

  • SSO saves your users' time because they can use multiple services after one single log on
  • SSO increases safety, since only one password must be transmitted
  • SSO increases the ease of use, because your users do not have to remember different usernames and passwords
  • SSO reduces the administrative burden, since only one user database needs to be maintained

SSO in the web-to-print shop

As our web-to-print online shop is optimized for the B2B sector, it is often used by in-house print shops in corporations, administrations and universities, offering their users convenient ordering for printed products.

In this environment, the users are mostly registered in a closed network, for example a corporate network or the network of an university or administration, where they log on with a username and password. The log-on to the network is often linked with the Windows log-on.

Thanks to the new SSO feature, the authentication for the web-to-print shop is linked with the registration at the network. An additional log-on with different credentials is not required.

This also has the advantage, that when adding or removing users from the corporate network, these changes will also take effect in the web-to-print shop. The maintenance of an additional user database is no longer necessary.

Supported types of SSO

We support SSO via SAML 2.0 and Windows Integrated Authentication (IWA).

How to obtain the new feature

Single sign-on is included by default in version 6.2 of Konica Minolta JT Suite.

The update to version 6.2 is free of charge if you have a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP) for Konica Minolta JT Suite.

It is available at your local Konica Minolta partner.

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