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New in version 7.4: Repeat range programming fast & easily until the end of the document

Edit print jobs with repeating page settings, e.g. mailings, faster and more easily with AccurioPro Flux by repeating the print settings of a page range with a few clicks until the end of the document.

In AccurioPro Flux version 7.4, you can process jobs with repeating page settings, which are typical for mailings, much more efficiently and faster.

You now have the option to apply print settings for a page range (= one letter) to the rest of the document (= the remaining letters).

How does it work?

Imagine you have received a maling as a print order. The order covers 700 pages, but basically consists of 100 letters of 7 pages each. The 7 pages are composed as follows:

  • Cover letter: 2 pages, duplex, black and white, customer's stationery
  • Flyer: 4 pages, duplex, color, stapled, 90g Color Copy
  • Fax form: 1 page, one-sided, black and white, 80g standard paper
  • Slip sheet: 80g green paper

We insert the slip sheet to make it easier to separate the individual letters from each other during further processing.

Programming ranges

As a first step, define the settings for the first letter. For the first 7 pages, you set the paper on which the respective page should be printed, whether it is printed black-and-white or in color, whether one-sided or duplex, etc.

When you are finished, use the new function Repeat range programming. This ensures that the settings of the pages you have just programmed are repeated until the end of the document.

With one click, you have applied the settings for the remaining 99 letters. And you did this fast and comfortable and without the small errors, which are quickly creeping in the manual processing of such a tedious and lengthy task.

How to obtain the new feature

The feature is included by default in version 7.4 of each product version of AccurioPro Flux: Flux Essential, Flux Premium and Flux Ultimate.

The update is free of charge if you have a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP) for AccurioPro Flux.

It is available at your local Konica Minolta partner.

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