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New video: How to print a trilingual manual with Printgroove JT Compile

In our new video we show you how you can easily compile and print a trilingual manual.

By means of our software solution Printgroove JT Compile 2 you can create print projects that consist of many different PDF files.

The benefit: Every single PDF file stays in its original directory on the server and can be updated regularly. But the compilation of the PDF files and the corresponding print settings are saved in our software solution. So you can easily reprint the whole project by using up-to-date files.

In our new video we show you how you can use our software to compile and print multilingual manuals. The same applies here: If there are changes necessary in regards to content, you can just update or replace the original file – the print project stays untouched. You will always print up-to-date manuals.

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