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Now available: Update to version 5.6 focuses on improving the Web-to-Print Portal

The update to version 5.6 for Printgroove JT Web, Printgroove JT Man and Printgroove JT Suite is now available for download. Discover many new features and improvements, especially for the web-to-print online shop.

How to update

Updating is only possible for customers with a valid Software Maintenance Plan.

If you want to extend your existing Software Maintenace Plan to benefit from regular updates and even major upgrades, please contact your local Konica Minolta dealer.

Web-to-Print: What's new in Printgroove JT Web 5?

  • 64-bit version: Printgroove JT Web 5 is now available as 64-bit version, but you are still free to install it on 32-bit system. Using a 64-bit system results in a higher performance plus more users can work simultanously on the system without slowing it down.
  • Catalog: User plus is now allowed to create, rename and delete catalog folders. Besides moving documents from one catalog to another, User plus can also choose to copy them instead of moving them. Additionally users can search each catalog folder for document title, product and ID. They can include the current catalog folder or all catalog folders in their search.
  • Account field: You can activate an account field for each user group in the group configuration. During ordering it is displayed to the user on the check & order page. You can choose your own caption for this field and decide if it should be a text field with a maximum length or a pull-down menu with a list of possible values.
  • JT Forms: Fields can be pre-filled with user data. We included a bunch of new variables which you can use to define the form fields in your JT Forms template. For example, if you use the variables for address data in your business card template, they will automatically be filled with the address data from the user’s account in Printgroove JT Web 5.
  • Lock Printgroove JT Web 5: The Manager can use a shortcut on the Dashboard to lock Printgroove JT Web 5. Users, Users plus and Print operators are not allowed to log in as long as the lock is active. When they try, they see a note saying “Login is currently not available due to maintenance”. While locked, the Manager can make changes in the configuration without coming into conflict with ongoing orders.
  • Group information in order list: The Print operator now sees which order came from which user group. We added a column in the order list showing the user group information.
  • History for production steps: When working on an order, the Print operator now sees a little clock next to each production step. It displays the history for each production step via mouse over.
  • Configure JT Document Converter directly in Printgroove JT Web 5: We added the configuration of the JT Document Converter to Printgroove JT Web 5.
  • Enable/disable services for price list: You can now decide for each service (e.g. punching, folding, binding), if you want to add it to the price list. Benefit: When activating only the services you want to charge, the price list is less cluttered and prices are calculated much faster. When creating a new price list, all services are deactivated by default. For existing price lists you can deactivate them manually.
  • Use secure LDAP look up: If you use the basic LDAP look-up, which is included by default in Printgroove JT Web 5, you can now also switch to secure LDAP (LDAPS).

This is only a selection of the new features available for Printgroove JT Web (also when part of Printgroove JT Suite) in version 5.6.

Print Management: What's new in Printgroove JT Man 5?

  • Page/tab labeling: Fonts installed on the operating system are now available in Printgroove JT Man 5 for labeling of pages and tab sheets.
  • Printer support: We added printer support for bizhub PRESS 2250P and bizhub PRESS C1100/1085 with IC 310, IC 308 and IC 602.
  • JT Accounting Connector supports PaperCut: The JT Accounting Connector now also supports PaperCut. So this option now can be used to connect to three different accounting solutions: SafeQ, Pcounter and PaperCut.

All new features will also be available in our software solution for the complete print workflow, Printgroove JT Suite 5.

We will introduce some of the new features in dedicated blog posts within the next days and weeks. Stay tuned!

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