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Service release for version 5.4 available

This service release applies only to version 5.4 of Printgroove JT Web 5, Printgroove JT Man 5 and Printgroove JT Suite 5. It includes some major bug fixes and small improvements.

Encrypted PDF files

Now encrypted PDF files can also be processed by our software solutions. The following encryption methods are supported:

  • RC4 40-bit (standard for Adobe Acrobat 3)
  • RC4 128-bit (standard for Acrobat 5)
  • RC4 128-bit (standard for Acrobat 6)
  • AES 128-bit (standard for Acrobat 7)

The following encryption method is not supported: AES 256-bit (standard for Acrobat 9).

You can import encrypted PDF files directly or via JT Hot Folder. The import of such PDF files via JT Printer and JT Web Printer is not possible.

Security patch for OpenSSL Heartbleed bug

This service release includes a security patch which fixes the so-called Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library, which may allow theft of the server's private keys, users' session cookies and passwords that should normally be protected by the SSL/TLS encryption.

We already released this security patch as stand-alone release some weeks ago. If you have already installed the security patch, we still do recommend to install the new service release to benefit from the additionally included bug fixes.

Major bug fixes

These major bugs have been fixed:

  • JT Color Split with KMPJL/PDF (PDF direct print): Changing sheet/page color had no effect
  • Stop stapling did not work with KMPJL/PDF (PDF direct print)

Install the service release

The service release applies only to version 5.4 of Printgroove JT 5 products (Printgroove JT Web 5, Printgroove JT Man 5, Printgroove JT Suite 5). Older versions are not supported.

Please note that once installed, the service release cannot be uninstalled.

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