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Success Story: How the University of Miskolc modernized its print workflow with Printgroove JT Suite

Success Story by Konica Minolta: Universität Miskolc

The University of Miskolc, the biggest higher educational institution of Northern Hungary, has fundamentally restructured its printing processes in cooperation with Konica Minolta. Now Printgroove JT Suite 5 is used as software solution to streamline the order and printing processes. The new web-to-print online shop has opened the previously only internally used print room for students and external customers.

The challenge

The University of Miskolc has a central print shop (CRD) that printed a variety of documents using inflexible offset technology.

All documents have been printed in large editions in large intervals. This, however, meant that outdated documents were not promptly reprinted and mistakes could not be corrected quickly.

In addition, the storage of large editions blocked important resources.

The entire printing process was therefore much more costly than necessary.

The solution

The first step was the conversion of the CRD into a profit center. Three objectives were therefore:

  • Greater flexibility and increased productivity
  • Streamlining the ordering and production processes
  • Enhancing the cost efficiency

To achieve these goals, the university joined forces with Konica Minolta and established two major changes.

First, two professional digital printing systems (bizhub PRO C6000 and bizhub PRO 1051) were put into operation, which allow a flexible production of small runs while increasing the quality of the prints.

Second, the ordering and printing process was fundamentally modernized using our software solution Printgroove JT Suite 5. The web-to-print online shop in University design now provides a convenient ordering for students and external customers. In the CRD itself these orders arrive print-ready and can be both managed and printed quickly.

The result

The CRD can now print short runs quickly and flexibly. An inventory of already printed (and at worst already outdated) documents is no longer necessary.

By the help of the online shop additional external customers were acquired increasing the profitability of the CRD.

Since both the printing systems and software solutions are coming from a single source, a smooth cooperation is guaranteed.

In addition, up to 40% of the costs are saved and even environmental aspects, e.g. less paper waste due to outdated documents, could be taken into account.

Read the whole Success Story at the Konica Minolta website!

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