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[Success Story] Two colleges in the Netherlands use AccurioPro Flux to modernize their in-house printing facility

Success Story about AccurioPro Flux: SORG Foundation

The SORG Foundation has modernized its print room with a sophisticated concept consisting of high-performance production printers, integrated finishing devices and the AccurioPro Flux software solution. Automated and time-saving processes require less manual intervention and eliminate the need to outsource jobs at peak times.

The SORG Foundation operates two colleges in the Netherlands, Van Lodenstein College and Hoornbeeck College. The colleges are spread over 13 locations with over 1,000 employees.

The in-house printing plant prints the materials for all locations, mostly teaching materials in the form of brochures with various bindings.

The challenge

When the modernization of the in-house print shop was on the agenda within the scope of a tender, the following challenges had to be solved:

  • Increasing the overall efficiency of the central in-house print shop by streamlining its workflows
  • Creating an easy-to-understand online ordering process
  • Relieving the print operator from manual post-processing
  • Avoiding the outsourcing of print jobs at peak times

The solution

Konica Minolta won the tender for the modernization of the in-house print shop thanks to a suitable hardware configuration in conjunction with AccurioPro Flux.

The following factors were decisive:

  • The finishing options are directly integrated into the new, more powerful production printers. By using an integrated booklet making unit, brochures can be professionally folded and stapled without the need for manual intervention.
  • By using AccurioPro Flux in conjunction with the new machines, the work processes could be automated to a large extent, so that the print room can be operated by just one operator and jobs no longer have to be outsourced at peak times.
  • The new web shop, realized with AccurioPro Flux, offers an intuitive user interface. This allows the in-house print shop to receive orders 24/7 and it no longer has to deal with paper order forms.

Customer benefits

The in-house print shop can now offer its customers a convenient 24/7 ordering option. The orders arrive at the print shop in a structured manner and can be produced there efficiently. Thanks to the automation of many processes and the elimination of time-consuming manual work steps, orders are produced on schedule even at peak times and no longer have to be outsourced.

Read the entire Success Story (PDF).

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