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Update to version 5.2 introduces new features

Individually modify the login page for your Web-to-Print shop

The update to version 5.2 is available for Printgroove JT Web, Printgroove JT Man und Printgroove JT Suite. Discover all new features.

Version 5.2 contains significant improvements of performance and stability for each of the three products. Additionally we included some brand new features, improved existing features and added some bug fixes.

Web-to-Print: Printgroove JT Web 5

  • Theme editor: You can duplicate a theme, save it and edit the css-file
  • Login page: New design with customizable background, headline & text
  • Order confirmation email: Send a confirmation email automatically when a new order arrives
  • CSV export available
  • Legal: Modifications to comply with EU consumer directive (coming 2014)
  • JT Forms now supports variable images

Central print management: Printgroove JT Man 5

  • Merging of print jobs: Insert PDF-pages from one order item into another
  • Previews: New zoom-modes, drag & drop now available in all previews, corrected gang-up-style preview, improved performance
  • Export: account.csv (from version 4) | Improved CSV-Export
  • Crop & move: Allow negative values for crop and move
  • Alternative creep adjustment, besides the “positive” creep (push out) it’s now possible to enter a “negative” creep adjustment value (push in)

All new features will also be available in our software solution for the complete print workflow, Printgroove JT Suite 5.

We will introduce some of the new features in particular blog posts within the next days. Stay tuned!

How to update

Updating is only possible for customers with a valid Software Maintenance Plan.

If you want to extend your existing Software Maintenace Plan to benefit from regular updates and even major upgrades, please contact your local Konica Minolta dealer.

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