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Update to version 5.4 offers new option and introduces new features

The update to version 5.4 for Printgroove JT Web, Printgroove JT Man and Printgroove JT Suite is now available for download. Discover a new additional option as well as brand new features.

Version 5.4 includes a completely new option, which you can now buy additionally. We also enhanced existing features and improved our software solutions by adding new features as well as bugfixes.

Web-to-Print: Printgroove JT Web 5

  • JT LDAP Connector (new option): Configure the connection to various Active Directories via LDAP in order to retrieve existing user data directly to Printgroove JT Web.
  • Email notifications for approval workflow: The authorizer is now informed via email when a new order is waiting for approval. The user gets a confirmation email when the order was approved or is informed in case it was rejected.
  • Email notification for users: Inform your users also via email about the status of their order. Additionally they can check the order status after login on their dashboard as before.
  • Email notification for Print operator: Now the Print operator is informed via email about new print jobs.
  • Preflight check information: Warnings and detailed information are now displayed during the whole order process to your users (e.g. settings page, checkout page). The information is also displayed to the Print operator and Manager in the backend of JT Web and in the order list of JT Man, if JT Web is part of JT Suite.
  • File size check: The file size is now checked before uploading to avoid long waiting periods. The user is informed beforehand in case the max. file size is exceeded.
  • Convenient user registration: Now you can adopt the general address data for billing and delivery at the push of a button. You do not longer have to insert address data several times.
  • User management: The new "Delete" button enables you to delete several user accounts at once.
  • Hide user registration: You can hide the link "Create new account" at the login page if you don't want to offer this option.
  • JT Online Payment Connector: We changed the encryption of payment transactions to SHA512 encryption.

Print Management: Printgroove JT Man 5

  • Preflight information for Print operator: Incoming documents are now checked directly in JT Man. The information about included transparencies, missing fonts and the lowest resolution of included images is displayed to the Print operator in the order list (new preflight tab).
  • New database for statistical reports: Order details are now saved in an accounting SQLite database. You can access the database via an ODCB driver by 3rd party tools, e.g. Microsoft Excel. It enables you to create custom queries and reports.
  • Improved performance: We significantly improved the performance of JT Man when processing (importing, editing, printing) print files with plenty of pages, e.g. 20.000 pages.
  • New KM-PJL Print Technology: Select this print technology for a Konica Minolta device to send the imposed PDF directly to the printer without any conversion to Postscript.
  • Duplicate pages/sheets: Now you can duplicate pages and sheets in the job editor. In the old version you had to copy and paste them.
  • Print queue: You can mark print job as failed in the print queue. We also added the new column "paper types".
  • Order list: “Department” and “Account” will now be displayed as new columns in the order list.
  • Import of print jobs: We revised the import dialog for the Print operator. Besides choosing a product the print operator now can also select “All settings” to choose from all available print settings.
  • Test print: New button “Test print”. Prints one copy for testing.
  • Printer settings: We improved the user interface of the printer settings window for controllers from Konica Minolta. Printer settings that refer to one topic (e.g. color, cover) are now grouped in one tab.

All new features will also be available in our software solution for the complete print workflow, Printgroove JT Suite 5.

We will introduce some of the new features in particular blog posts within the next days. Stay tuned!

How to update

Updating is only possible for customers with a valid Software Maintenance Plan.

If you want to extend your existing Software Maintenace Plan to benefit from regular updates and even major upgrades, please contact your local Konica Minolta dealer.

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