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Web-to-print online shop: 5 hidden features

Are you using our web-to-print online shop? Today we want to show you five hidden features in Printgroove JT Web 5 you may have missed until now.

1. Inform your users about status updates via email

Your users can check the current status of their order right after login at the dashboard. But did you know that you can inform them via email about status updates?

From version 5.4 of Printgroove JT Web 5 this feature is included by default. But you won't find those settings in the administration backend, instead you have to edit a textfile in the program directory.

2. Check when the status was updated

The Print operator always sets the current status to keep the user up-to-date. But did you know that you can check when the status was updated and by whom? It's that simple: Mouse over the respective workstep and the history will be shown as a tooltip.

3. Export all order information

Did you know that you can export all order information as CSV file? You can use the CSV file to create invoices or to transfer the data into another application. All you have to do is login as Manager or Print operator and open the order list. Above the order list you will find the button to start the export.

4. Hide the link "Create new account" at the login page

At the login page of your web-to-print online shop there's a link for new users to create their own account. Did you know that you can hide this link? It's useful if you want to address only specific users or if you are using an Active Directory to manage user accounts. Login as Manager and change the respective settings in the system settings.

5. Provide documents on the download page

Our web-to-print online shop includes a Download page, where users can download the JT Web Printer. Did you know that you can add more documents for download to this page? All you have to do is put those documents in the folder ../htdocs/download in the programm directory of Printgroove JT Web 5.