JT LDAP Connector

JT LDAP Connector

Connections between the web-to-print solutions and the Active Directory server

Easy connection to your existing Active Directory user database via LDAP

If you already manage addresses with an Active Directory (AD) server, you can also use those user accounts in our application. Therefore you need our JT LDAP Connector to establish the connection between the AD server and our online shop via LDAP.

The configuration is group based. Each user group may use a different AD server. In order to set which address data is to be transferred from the Active Directory, you can use the included LDAP attribute mapping. The address data is only read out and cannot be changed in the online shop.

After configuration users can log into your online shop using their AD credentials. When they log in for the first time, an user account in the online shop is created for them automatically. The user data is updated whenever they log in.

If necessary, you can also import individual user accounts from the Active Directory, for example in order to assign another user role to an LDAP user prior their first login.

If you use the additional option JT Multi Shop, you can also customize the appearance of the online shop for LDAP user groups.


  • users can log in the online shop without prior registration by using their existing AD credentials
  • addressing specific LDAP user records and mapping them appropriately
  • up-to-date user details as they are always updated on login

In order to use the JT LDAP Connector you will need at least version 5.4 of Printgroove JT Web.

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