JT Multi Shop

JT Multi Shop

Screenshots: Two different designed online shops for different user groups

Individually designed online shops for single user groups

This options allows you to adjust the design and the content of the web-to-print online shop for single user groups.

Is one of your customers an important corporation whose employees order in your web-to-print online shop? Use JT Multi Shop to offer this important customer a customized online shop with a design based on its corporate design. All you have to do is gather all employees in one user group and change the design for this user group.

For each online shop you can:

  • choose an individual theme and upload a logo
  • change the site title and site name
  • adjust the login page

You are free to customize the included standard themes and use your customer's corporate colors and its logo, for example. So you can create an individually designed online shop for each user group.

Every user groups also gets its unique URL which they can use to access their own online shop. The URL has the following format: www.shopname.com/portal/groupname.

Additionally you can use the standard features included in Printgroove JT Web 5 to adjust the settings per user group:

By adjusting the settings for each shop you can not only differentiate between different online shops visually but you can also create individual offers with individual content.



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