dots Software relaunched Unternehmenswebsite

dots Software relaunches corporate web site:

Screenshot shows new dots web site

Berlin, December 20th 2013

Berlin based dots Software GmbH re-created its web site from scratch: All content is brand new and implemented future-proof with current web technologies.

"After the complete overhaul and technological realignment of our software products for digital printing we decided to rebuild from scratch to communicate said changes to our customers and a broader public audience" Jan Sambale, dots Marketing

Thus dots Software seized the chance to design its web site in a new way, geared towards usability and the future.

The ten most important improvements:

  1. flat navigation
  2. detailed product information
  3. visualizing features with videos and screenshots
  4. detailed information about company, team and modes of work
  5. a modernized company logo
  6. a mobile web site version
  7. social media integration
  8. speed improvements
  9. enhanced readability
  10. usage of current web technologies

The company blog is a central building block of the new web site. Here dots Software informs about product news, upcoming events and current affairs in digital printing. It goes without saying that the blog offers a RSS feed for subscription.

Apart from the English content there is already a German version. A French translation will follow 2014.


Base functionality is granted backwards up to Internet Explorer 7. But it is strongly recommended to use a modern browser.

If you are interested in innovative solutions for digital printing, visit the newly created web site:

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